Can Helping Offline Businesses Market Online Pay Well?

How To Work Out Whether Your Business Model Is Sound

Some clients just want a one page site and they want you to take care of everything and then just tell them when it’s done. Other clients want a massive amount of input and want you to spend days with them consulting on their branding and messaging, researching their market and designing logos and graphics for them.

You can decide to be flexible or just carve out your niche and present your offer and prices.

One area where you may have fixed prices is the small business one-page sites where you offer local businesses in your area a package for £150 for you to take care of it and they just provide their contact details.

Standard prices for a 5 page website are £800, standard basic daily rates for time in the UK is usually £350 a day plus expenses, but people pay up to $5k a day.

Sometimes you can spend that day just recording videos for a client, other days it might be training their internal team about web marketing.

I think it’s important that you get a good sense of how you want to spend your time and how much money you’re intending to make.

If you don’t like building websites then you need to quickly find a way to outsource that if you still want to be the go-to person.

It’s good to outsource many elements of your business; but not in a standard way. Sometimes make the web site, sometimes pay someone to do the graphics and then make the site, other times pay someone to create the site and focus on the email marketing or search marketing aspects.

I suggest you get comfortable being able to offer several things but not needing to necessarily do them yourself. One of the biggest benefits of offering these types of services is that there can be several ways to create recurring revenue from your work.

The ability to create multiple streams of recurring revenue will be the thing that takes you from having to spend all of your time doing this and being able to build a business that takes little time to run and brings in regular revenue.

Consider this: Your business model is to offer quick 1-page websites to lots of local businesses.

You charge $200 and $50 a year for hosting.

It only takes a day or two to create these sites, so you can easily deliver 2 each week comfortably. That’s 8 a month – without breaking a sweat.

So at first that’s $1600 a month from the sales – but…… $400 a month recurring revenue.

So if you did this for 5 years you would end up having made:

* $96,000 in sales * $24,000 in hosting fees * $2000 a month recurring hosting fees.

So that’s $120,000 and $2000 a month for no work. That’s just 2 small customers a week.

Can you see the power of this. Those numbers are based on what will probably be your lowest paying customers.

You’ll get some that will happily pay you several thousand dollars for their site and want a email system, marketing monthly work and extra things done.