Control Your Own Website

Having your own WordPress website provides you a platform to actively showcase yourself so your current and potential clients have the opportunity to get to know you. A WordPress website can also be used as an interactive platform that gives you the opportunity to get to know your current and prospective clients better. How cool is that! Let me explain what happened recently.

I was presenting at an event giving some examples on how to get your customers to interact with you by creating interesting things to do on your website. I suggested creating a page with a quiz or possibly a puzzle or even a quick contest – making sure all topics were relevant to the industry of your business. I watched the faces of the participants as I was talking and some looked puzzled – so I stopped and asked if there were any questions. I was a bit surprised when the first question (actually statement) was – “I can’t create my own pages on my website and I’m sure not going to pay my web person to create these kind of pages.”

When I saw a lot of the others nodding I asked how many other people felt they couldn’t create their own pages on their website. Almost every hand went up. I then asked how many used WordPress for their website – three hands went up.

ONLY three – WOW! I knew having a WordPress site was great but I hadn’t realized (or remembered) until then how much NOT having a WordPress site restricts you growing your business. You can’t even do your own marketing with your site. You are at the mercy of whoever created your site to make changes for you and they need to understand what you want and know how to give it to you.

I always suggest my clients have a website even if they already have a really great business site and especially if they only have a corporate site to send people to. It’s fine to send people to your corporate site to purchase what you sell but you usually aren’t allowed to make changes to that site so you can’t add your own personality which is what you need to attract clients.

People need to know who you are as well as knowing how good your products or services are. In the past, it was enough to create a business site just like a brick and mortar storefront. You show what you are offering and wait for people to come by, see it and buy it. That just doesn’t work anymore – not for brick and mortar businesses and it definitely doesn’t work for any type of work from home or virtual business.

It’s not really very difficult to create your own WordPress website. I learned how to do it and if I can do it – so can you. I know that may seem like just words but it really isn’t. I recently ran a Virtual class where I taught how to do just that. We started at 9AM and by 4PM that same day, everyone had their own website up and running and are using it today for their business.